Majority of train staff physically abused

Aggression against train conductors and drivers are almost an every day occurrence. As many as 64 percent of the train crew faced physical violence and threats with a firearm this year. Verbal abuse is just part of the day.

A representative survey by rail union VVMC among nearly 900 members shows a disconcerting picture. A conductor was thrown from the train by an aggressive traveler, several train staff were almost strangled, one got urine thrown in his face and another was shot at. Yelling and intimidation occur daily in the stations and trains. 3.5 percent of the staff have reported injuries from violence in the firs 11 months of this year, AD reports. The survey also shows that a third of the conductors have considered resignation due to these violent incidents. Only 10 percent of respondents said that they never feel unsafe at work. The railway staff are tired or the violent incidents and want more security and police officers in stations and trains. Wim Eilert of VVMC calls the results of the survey shocking. "Each day a NS employee is hit in the face. The NS and politicians have to do something about safety." According to NS spokesperson Edwin Scherrenburg, they are doing everything about safety and there are permanently police officers present at major stations.