Susp. crime kingpin Holleeder to be arraigned for murder

Willem Holleeder (Picture: Twitter/@o2377)Willem Holleeder (Picture: Twitter/@o2377)

The Public Prosecutor has confirmed that Willem Holleeder was arrested on Saturday, December 13th, on suspicion of complicity in murder and participation in a criminal organization.

The Public Prosecutor suspects that the 56 year old Holleeder, along with others, commissioned the murders of criminal property dealer Kees Houtman in 2005 and criminal bar owner Thomas van der Bijl in 2006. The shooters in Van der Bijl's murder have already been sentenced.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Holleerder's arrest is the result of "new evidence". This new evidence presumably involves statements by the new key witness Fred Ross. According to Ross, Dino Soerel ordered these murders, but Holleerder played a big role in the background.

Holleeder was previously also associated in these two murders. The other witness in the Passage process, Peter la Serpe, earlier gave incriminating statements against Holleeder.