People save €140 on heating after warm year

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As 2014 comes to a close, likely to be the warmest year in three centuries, the average Dutch household has saved an estimated €140 on natural gas this year, according to energy giant Eneco.

Gas bills nationwide are estimated to see an average reduction of 15% due to the above average temperatures experienced by the country this year. KNMI, the Dutch meteorological institute, says the national average temperature throughout 2014 has been 11.5 degrees Celsius, compared to a historical average of 10.1 degrees.

Second and third ranked Dutch energy suppliers, Essent and Nuon have both reported a significant descent in gas usage this year. A spokesperson for Essent reported an estimated 20% reduced consumption.

The vast difference in usage from last year to this year may be partially attributed to a relatively cold 2013, newspaper NRC points out.