Over 3,000 kilos of fireworks seized in Delft, Apeldoorn

On Tuesday the Fireworks- and Car Arson team of the police seized more than 3 thousand kilograms of fireworks during a criminal investigation into traders in professional fireworks. Three suspects were arrested - a 19 year old man from Delfgauw, a 43 year old man from Delft and a 53 year old man from Apeldoorn.

The police received a tip about a fireworks trade which put them on the 19 year old suspect's trail. On Tuesday the 19 year old suspect and 43 year old suspect drove a van to Apeldoorn, supposedly to buy professional fireworks from the 53 year old suspect.    

The police found 630 kilograms of fireworks in the van. 1,200 kilograms were found in the (supposed) supplier's shed in Apeldoorn and another 1,200 kilograms of fireworks were found in the 19 year old suspect's garage in Delft. All fireworks were confiscated. The fireworks involved were mainly Chinese rolls, flowerbeds and large flares. All three suspects were arrested.