Heineken banned from 900 UK, Ireland pubs

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A recent dispute between Heineken and JD Wetherspoon may cost the Dutch brewery up to €76 million in sales per year.

The pub chain says the dispute began with the Amsterdam-based firm's refusal to supply Heineken Lager and Murphy's Irish Stout to a new location in the Irish seaside town of Dun Laoghaire. JD Wetherspoon removed Heineken products from the menu in all of it's 926 pubs in response.

Heineken also wanted Wetherspoon CEO John Hudson to personally commit to paying the firm's bar tab, according to the Press Association.

Earlier this year, Guinness found itself permanently removed from the menu in all of the Wetherspoon pubs, due to a similar dispute. Without Heineken, the pub chain could also no longer sell Murphy's Stout either. Heineken's lager is the top selling beer in Ireland.

A spokesperson for Heineken has insisted that they are "seeking a resolution as soon as possible".