MH17 wreckage arrives in Netherlands five months after crash

The first convoy of trucks transporting the wreckage of flight MH17 has arrived in the Netherlands. It passed the German-Dutch border at Oldenzaal last night. The disaster with flight MH17 happened four months and 22 days ago on July 17th.

The German police escorted the four trucks to the border, where Dutch officers took over. The second convoy of four more trucks should arrive at any time. The entire transport will continue at daybreak.

According to reporter Menno Reemeijer, the trucks are expected to continue their journey after rush hour. They will arrive at Gilze-Rijen three hours later. Reemeijer says that there will be no ceremony at the airbase.

This convoy of trucks departed from the Ukraine last week Wednesday. Another eight trucks carrying wreckage will travel from the Ukraine to the Netherlands during the course of the week. In Gilze-Rijen an attempt will be made to reconstruct a part of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.