Badr Hari's brother could get six months for perjury

Yassin Hari, younger brother of kick-boxer Badr Hari, is being tried for perjury and assault in the court of Amsterdam. The prosecution seeks a sentence of six months imprisonment for the 26-year old.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Yassin lied under oath during his testimony in the criminal case against his brother, Badr Hari, and was arrested in court for his alleged false testimony last October.

During the Club Air trial against Badr Hari last October, Yassin stated that it was he who assaulted the club owner, not his brother. Yassin persisted with his statement of events in court this Thursday. Hari was found guilty of attempted murder in the aforementioned case, and is currently serving his 18 month sentence in prison, with 6 months probation.

With the assistance of security camera footage, prosecutor Hettie Hoekstra, also proved that Yassin actively took part in the assault of Jimmy Woo on May 12th, 2012. Hari has since been acquitted of this charge.

Yassin has yet again been called as a witness in the appeal of Badr Hari's sentence, but evaded a direct answer when questioned on what his testimony will be the next time around.

The court will rule on Yassin's case of perjury on 18 December.