Record food exports despite Russian ban

The Netherlands has experienced a record year in food exports so far, firming up the country's position as the second-largest agricultural exporter in the world, credit insurer Euler Hermes told the Volkskrant. Despite Russia's boycott targeting agricultural exports, the overall success has been remarkable even as farm organization LTO points to an increase in farm bankruptcies.

The total export of vegetables to Russia was still 40 percent higher in October this year than in 2013, as calculated ABN Amro, despite the troubles between the two nations. Still, the price on some vegetables like cucumbers and peppers has dropped by twenty-five-percent on average.

Farmers say they have been struggling with low selling prices for years, well before the ban, the government stepped in to assist this year. Harvesters can now apply for reduced working hours and employee wages. Due to the fact that most export companies can still make use of their products, many farms have not opted for the reduced working capacity and continued to produce at their full capacity.