New police reports filed with DigiD

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The police are working on making a report over the internet easier. One of the improvements is that during the course of 2015, citizens who want to report a crime over the internet will be able to log in with DigiD.

About 40 percent of reports filed with the police are done so over the internet. Responses showed that citizens sometimes have trouble making a report over the internet, which is why the police are improving the process. The new structure for internet reports will be better tailored to the user. The input screens and accompanying texts will be clearer and more understandable and the technical stability will be enhanced. The police aim to make this process as user friendly as possible, while still complying with all the legal requirements.

One of these legal requirements is that all reports and declarations must be signed. This is where DigiD comes in. By logging in with DigiD, citizens will be able to sign their reports and declarations digitally.


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