Notorious criminal Holleeder back in court

The most famous criminal in the Netherlands, Willem Holleeder, is once again in court.

Holleeder has been free since January 2012. Before that he was convicted for extortion of real estate magnate Willem Endstra, among others, in the Kolbak-case. He was sentenced to nine years in prison, of which he served six.

The Public Prosecution now wants to imprison him again because he violated the terms of his release by once again being involved in crimes. Holleeder is currently a suspect in several cases. On November 24th he will appear in court for the attempted extortion of Theo Huisman, the former boss of the Hells Angels. On December 2nd he will appear in court for threatening crime reporter Peter R. de Vries in April 2013.

Today the 56 year old criminal appears in court in the so called Andes-process. He along with Dick V. and Danny K. are the main suspects for extorting Theo Huisman.

In May 2013 the police and Justice tackled the supposed crime network around Danny K. Holleeder was arrested and spent a month in custody. K.'s girlfriend, Angela H., a former partner of Patrick Kluivert, is also a suspect in the case. In this Holleeder supposedly played a supporting role.

In April 2013, De Vries reported death threats against him. Holleeder was arrested, interrogated and sent away, but remains a suspect in the case.

Holleeder also seems connected with other crimes. He featured in the statements of Fred Ross, the new witness in the execution process Passage. Formally Holleeder is still a suspect in that investigation.

The amount of time Holleeder will still have to serve in the Kolbak sentenced 9 years, is up the the court. The maximum time is 3 years, but anything between 1 day and 3 years is possible.