Dutchman on Interpol Most Wanted Environmental Criminals

International policing agency Interpol has released a new list of its Most Wanted Criminals suspected of environmental crimes. Amongst those on the list is 55-year-old Nicolaas "Nico" Antonius Cornelis Maria Duindam, a Dutchman last seen in the Netherlands.

Nico Duindam is suspected of being a member of a criminal organisation responsible for trafficking wildlife from Brazil. The organisation is thought to specialize in the handling of butterflies, exotic birds and reptiles. Once captured, Nico will be arrested on charges of environmental crime, wildlife crime and receiving stolen goods.

Operation Infra (International Fugitive Round Up and Arrest) Terra has called upon the public to assist the Operation in providing any details that concern the nine Infra Terra suspects whose cases were selected during the initial phase of the operation. The nine fugitives are: Adriano Giacobone; Ahmed Kamran; Ariel Bustamante Sanchez; Ben Simasiku; Bhekumusa Mawillis Shiba; Feisal Mohamed Ali; Nicolaas Antonius Cornelis Maria Duindam; Sergey Darminov; Sudiman Sunoto.

“Even the smallest detail, which you might think is insignificant, has the potential to break a case wide open when combined with other evidence the police already have. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to bring new momentum to an investigation and provide the missing clue which will help locate these wanted individuals, some of whom have been evading justice for years,” said Mr. Ioannis Kokkinis, Criminal Intelligence Officer with Interpol's Fugitive Investigative Support unit, which is coordinating with Infra Terra.

Operation Infra Terra urges any members of the public who may have information on the whereabouts of Nico Duindam, or any other Internationally Wanted Criminals, to report to INTERPOL’s Fugitive Investigative Support unit or email fugitive@interpol.int