Vicious motorcycle gang Mongols now in Amsterdam

The outlaw motorcycle club Mongols, one of he most violent motorcycle clubs in the world, has opened a branch in Amsterdam. 

The police has confirmed that the club was established in the Netherlands last month.

Members of the originally Californian motorcycle club have been convicted for drug trafficking, murder, extortion and assault, among other things. The American Ministry of Justice wants to ban the Mongol's logo because they would form a criminal organization.

The Dutch branch was probably founded by Mongols from Germany. On October 11th the German Facebook page of the Mongols posted an announcement that the Dutch chapter is open. The Mongols' website also recently announced the Dutch chapter.

A spokesperson for the police said that they are watching the club and are aware of its bad reputation. "Members of this club have frequently been guilty of serious criminal offenses."

Germany is getting a lot of problems from the club. A few years ago a bomb was found in the Berlin clubhouse of the motorcycle club. The club has been banned in Bremen, the headquarters of the Mongols, since 2011. Last year there was a large fight between the Mongols and the Hells Angels. There were several injuries, a 41 year old man was critically wounded.

It immediately led to tensions when the outlaw motorcycle club Bandidos settled in the Netherlands at the beginning of this year. Bombs exploded in the houses of several Bandidos members. The Bandidos, like the Mongols, are rivals of the Hells Angels. The police does not want to speculate whether the same will happen now that the Mongols have established their branch in Amsterdam.

On Facebook the Dutch Mongols write that they stand for "honesty, loyalty and respect".