China commits half billion euro to Dutch businesses

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Various contracts pus a number of statements for intensive cooperation were signed by Dutch and Chinese companies during Minister Lilianne Ploumen 's trade mission to China.

The twelve agreements have a total value of at least half a billion euro. It is expected that the proceeds will rise significantly in the coming years. "This again demonstrates how important it is that our companies look beyond the border." Says Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

The contracts have been concluded in various sectors. Ploumen attended the ratification of a big deal between the Chinese technology group SMIC and ASML from Eindhoven. Dicussions have also been successfully completed in other areas like shipbuilding and telecom.

The minister also visited Shanghai after Beijing where she talked with the Chinese Vice Minister of Trade Zhong Shan. "We both have the desire to further intensify the relationship. In the area of trade, but also in other areas," says Ploumen.

The Minister concluded her trade mission this morning in Beijing. There she made an appearance at the China Holland Business Summit of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan is currently also visiting China with a large trade delegation. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are currently working on developing business ties in Japan.