Overweight, unhealthy people lose out on jobs

Employers are increasingly only hiring employees who look fit and vital. 

According to Olympia Uitzendbureau, overweight or unhealthy are more often turned down for jobs than people with a fit appearance, even though they have the same CV.

Olympia mediates between 12 thousand temporary workers and about 3,500 companies. According to commercial director Wim Bubberman of Olympia, this hard stance is because employers have become more critical due to stricter laws and regulations. Like companies having to pay for flex workers who become ill just before their contract expires.

Companies estimate that there is a higher probability of someone who does not appear fit becoming ill, according to Bubberman. The reason for rejection is "obviously" not spoken aloud.

Employers do not ask Olympia not to nominate candidates who are overweight. "That's not on the agenda," says Bubberman, "People also do not have to do a fitness test or something. And if companies explicitly ask for it, they will be denied because of discrimination laws."

"But we clearly see that these people are rejected first in conversations, even though they have as much or more qualities and motivation. They have less of a chance than people who are energetic and appear fit."