Airlines attack Lelystad Airport plan

Airlines in the Netherlands, conservationists and community organizations fear a half billion euro fiasco from the plans for Lelystad Airport.

Yesterday Secretary of State Mansveld announce that the Lelystad Airport Decision has been delayed five months to April 2015. This delay is to improve the environmental impact assessment and to give the Council of State more time for advice.

According to Frank Allard, CEO of branch association Barin, this delay would have to last at least two years. "The planned opening in 2018 is far too early given the stagnant growth at Schiphol for takeoffs and landings and quieter aircraft. The political upper limits is not yet in sight"

Mansveld is adhering to the the necessity of Lelystad Airport as "overflow" from Schiphol for vacation flights, among others. Last night the Schiphol Board confirmed that all is going according to plan.

A sign of trouble is that budget airlines easyJet and Ryanair are opening home bases on Schiphol next year. They are increasingly focused on business travelers, aiming a direct attack on the KLM group. The Spanish budget airline Veuling is also substantially increasing flights to Schiphol.

Holiday flyer ArkeFly refuses to relocate to Lelystad "because a runway of 2400 meters is to short for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, flying at night is forbidden and the public transport leaves something to be desired".