PVV: quarantine kids from Ebola-hit countries

On Tuesday the PVV proposed in the Second Chamber that asylum seekers from Ebola infected countries must first spend three weeks in quarantine before they come to the Netherlands.

According to the party, this is above all to prevent children from risk countries from spreading the disease at their new school.

"Only after a health certificate from the GGD will the student be allowed to be enrolled in school or enter the educational institution," said Parliament Member Ham Beertema.

The Public Health Service (GGD) thinks that such a measure is unnecessary, but the PVV feels that this will play an important role.

The chance that Ebola will spread into the Netherlands through asylum seekers, is very small, according to Secretary of State Fred Teeven (Security and Justice). All asylum seekers undergo a medical examination and the number of asylum seekers from Ebola infected countries are very small (about 500 per year, Het Parool reports).