EasyJet to add six routes from Amsterdam

British budget airline EasyJet will offer six new destinations for passengers traveling from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The airline will likely take passengers between Amsterdam and 25 different locations when they open up their new base at Schiphol next spring.

The new destinations include seaside cities Dubrovnik, Nice, Olbia and Venice. Vacation spot Toulouse will also welcome passengers, and Hamburg will be added next month.

Passengers will be able to fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia twice weekly, as well as Olbia, Italy. Flights to Nice, France and Venice, Italy will take place seven times a week. They will also fly to Hamburg, Germany six times per week, and Toulouse, France three times each week.

The airline says they will also offer better flight dates and times for seven of their 19 current destinations.

EasyJet expects to carry a total of 3.5 million passengers in and out of Amsterdam this year. They expect to carry 600,000 more passengers in 2015.

With the opening of their Dutch base, the airline says they will have 120 pilots, flight attendants and office staff members located in the Netherlands.