Dutch gov't pushing ISPs to censor jihadists

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The joint internet industry is accusing the government of forcing internet companies to commit censorship and obstructing the freedom of expression. 

Investigating authorities are increasingly summoning providers and hosters to turn a particular site on black without a legal key.

Companies feel that they are being put under too much pressure. "We rent web space or platforms. Since the Justice fails to find the tenant, they put the problem with the landlord. They make us responsible for deciding whether something is punishable or not." says Michiel Steltman, director of the Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA) and spokesman for the internet sector.

The companies are not talking about the Action Program Integral Address jihadism (Actieprogramma Integrale Aanpak jihadisme), in which the Cabinet shows how to counter the spread of violent ideology.

Dick Schoof, National Coordinator for Terrorism Security and Security, appeals to the responsibility of the providers. "I understand their position, but I am of the opinion that they can within their jurisdiction contribute to countering jihadist radicalization."