Fireworks vendors stop selling “baby rocket”

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Fireworks vendors will no longer sell "baby" bottle rockets, a smaller, low quality version of bottle rocket-style fireworks that are popular with children because they are inexpensive.

Pyrotecnics Netherlands, the fireworks association says the rockets causes too many accidents and they should actually be banned. “

We’re trying to be an example for the entire sector,” said Frits Broks, a major Zuid Holland vendor and one of the initiators of the boycott.

“It is legal to have it, but it causes so many accidents. You’re supposes to stick them in the ground, but often children hold several in their hands and light them off, so they fly all over the place,” Broks said. He said the price also makes it easy to get. “For about €2 you get 144 of these rockets.”

The initiative of the vendors is welcomed with praise. “It looks like innocent fireworks, but when the kids break off the sticks to let them fly better, they can cause eye injuries,” said Johan van der Lee, fireworks coordinator at Rotterdam-Rijnmond police station.

Eye doctor Tjeerd de Faber from Rotterdam is also happy that “this cheap garbage” will no longer be available. “The past couple of years I have seen so much serious injuries that is caused by this type of fireworks.”