Another posb. Dutch jihadist arrested in Hague

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The police have arrested another suspect in the investigation of jihadists.

The 40 year old man from the Hague was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist organization, the police announced on Wednesday.

The man reported himself to the police office after the police had invited him. Including this man, 12 people have been arrested during this investigation.

In addition to forming a terrorist organization, some of these people are also suspected of posting inflammatory messages on social media. Others are suspected of recruiting people for the armed struggle in Syria.

According to Justice the suspects formed a partnership and there was a division of roles. The aim was to commit terrorist offenses by going to fight in Syria or Iraq. There is no evidence that the group wanted to commit attacks in the Netherlands.

"Recruiter" Oussama C. is among these suspects. He is accused of recruiting at least five young Muslims, who have actually traveled to Syria. C. Recruited using flyers, discussions and sermons on the street. He also gave lectures and he spread his vision through social media, according to the Public Prosecutor.

The alleged jihad recruiter Azzedine C. (alias Abou Moussa) is also counted among the terrorist organization.