Driver's license payoffs: Examiner arrested

Stock image of a handcuffed woman
Stock image of a handcuffed womanOR DOTWikimedia CommonsCC-BY

The police arrested a 62 year old driving examiner of the CBR on Friday October 3rd on suspicion of large scale fraud on driving tests.

He is suspected of taking money from exam candidates and then letting them pass their practical examinations no matter how they do in the test. The investigation showed that hundreds of possible candidates got their license in this way.

In addition to the driving examiner the police also arrested three driving school owners (47, 45 and 66 years old) and a 29 year old driving instructor.

The police became interested in the driving examiner after the CBR noticed that a remarkable number of candidates passed their practical exam if the suspect was responsible for the exam.

A spokesperson for the CBR had this to say: "The examiner was made inactive immediately after his arrest. If fraud is determined, he will be dismissed. And when the police investigation shows that people have fraudulent driver's licenses, we will do everything to declare these licenses invalid."