Dutch insurer cuts mental healthcare ties

Health insure CZ announced yesterday that from January 1st they will no longer be doing business with a large number of practitioners of mental disorders. 

Of the 170 practitioners of personality disorders that are currently doing business with CZ, only 100 will continue to do so after January 1st. Only 39 of the 58 practitioners of serious eating disorders will get a contract.

According to CZ it is because the practitioners do not meet the "minimum quality standards". CZ spoke to professional groups and patient organizations to determine what requirements a good treatment should meet. The insurer will not pay for unproven effective treatments.

According to Article 13 of the Health Insurance Act, CZ will still have to pay a substantial part of the bill to practitioners of mental disorders, even if the treatment was unproven effective. The Second Chamber recently voted for the amendment of Article 13 so that insurers no longer have to do so.

Yesterday the First Chamber announced that before Article 13 can be amended the Council of State has to advice on what impact the adjustment will have.

Doctors say that this will give insurers too much power.