NL, four others in Wadden Sea anti-terrorism drills

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The anti-terrorism units from five different countries, including the Netherlands, have been running practice drills on the Wadden sea how to fight attacks at sea. The four foreign countries also involved in this exercise are Germany, Belgium, Spain and Sweden. These practice drills were requested by ATLAS, an alliance of special intervention units of the police and army in the European Union. And organized by the special anti-terrorism unit of the Netherlands, the Special Intervention Service (Dienst Speciale Interventies - DSI). It is the task of these units to arrest suspects of terrorist offenses or extreme violence under any circumstances, to stop them or in extreme cases to take them out. The Royal Marine also cooperated in the exercise.

The aim for this exercise was to train together and to get to know each other. So that during large scale terrorist incidents they can lend operational support to each other. The 175 members of the participating teams use speedboats, water scooters and helicopters in the interventions. 450 extras were used to play the rolls of victims and perpetrators. The five countries practice together every year in different locations and with different scenarios.