Dutch '15 budget reveals defense, emergencies, innovation boons

Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloef presented the Budget in the Second Chamber yesterday. The Budget contains the Cabinet's plans for the next year.

Here follows a brief summary of some of the main points.

Defense gets 300 million euros until 2017 and after that 100 million euros annually. The Cabinet is also establishing a new fund to help victims of war and natural disasters, for which €570 euro is released.

Spending power will increase by an average of 0.5 percent. €475 million is going to tax reduction (first bracket). The government promised to work further on the promised review of the tax system next year. Unemployment is increased to half a billion annually.

The Cabinet will stop tax donation before buying a new house. The 6 percent VAT tariff for renovations has been extended.

Healthcare insurance will rise with €114 per year. Healthcare own risk with €15. The expenses for hospital care declined for the first time in history. There will be a rise in the Healthcare benefits for people on low income. Unemployed parents will keep childcare benefits for six months.

The secret service AIVD will receive 25 million euros extra every year. The Public prosecution will get €5 million next year, increasing to €20 million in 2019 specifically to address international crimes such as child pornography and jihadism.

The Cabinet is investing 200 million euro in the so called future fund (Toekomstfonds) to stimulate innovation. A new Delta plan will be put in place to help the Netherlands better protect the water. Tax relief on environmentally friendly cars will be cut and diesel and petrol prices will rise with inflation.

King Willem-Alexander's income will increase from €817 thousand to €823 thousand and the income of Queen Maxima from €324 thousand o €326 thousand. €35 million will be spent on the renovation of  Paleis Huis ten Bosch.