VIDEO: People worldwide singing Dutch children's show theme song

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Dutch children's television show Bassie en Adriaan is a new meme on the internet. On YouTube, videos of people who don't speak Dutch attempting to sing the intro, with often hilarious results, are being watched by thousands of people. 

It is believed to have started with an American who sings the tune with the help of karaoke-style lyrics on the screen.

Other videos are now popping up from Thailand, Italy, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Australia among others.

It seems a competition now to sing the song as grammatically and phonetically 'Dutch' as possible. The word 'vriendinnetjes' (female friends) looks like the most difficult to pronounce. On Dutch website Dumpert, a collection of the videos is already growing.

Bassie en Adriaan was a popular Dutch kids show about a circus duo, a clown and an acrobat, that ran between 1978 and 1996.

The original karaoke version to try at home: