Death threats made in dog experiments

Photo: Maastricht University Visitors Center (
Maastricht University Visitors Center. (Maastricht University Visitors Center)

Employees at the University of Maastricht have received anonymous death threats after the university came under fire earlier this week leading them to cancel an experiment testing new pacemakers on several dozen labradors. 

The university reported the nameless threats to police. Officials from the Anti Animal Testing Coalition, whose members were protesting the experiments, denies any involvement.

"We do not believe in that style of campaigning, we’d just like to have a conversation with the university,”  Coalition spokesman Robert Million told broadcaster NOS.

Earlier this week the university announced the suspension of their testing phase after the Anti Animal Testing Coalition collected more than 84 thousand signatures on the website On the petition website, organisers stated that as many as a third of the 39 thousand labradors to be tested would die.

The university issued a statement saying that they understand the community's concerns regarding the use of laboratory animals, and will take the matter into closer consideration.