King criticized for lack of "God"

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands feels that King Willem-Alexander speaks too little about God in his speeches.

President of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands Karin van den Broeke says that God has not strongly emerged in the King's speeches, which is remarkable. It would have been nice if his faith was revealed in them, she continues.

According to Royal House reporter Antoin Peeters, the criticism from the Protestants is not coming out of nowhere. Strict believers have long been concerned about the actions of the King and Queen. The fact that god was not mentioned in the Christmas speech was a sore spot. Public appearances on Sunday are also rejected and Queen Máxima would often wear provocative clothing, RTL Nieuws reports.

In June Peeters wrote a column about the church and the royal couple. In this column he wrote that last June Máxima wore a dress with a low neckline on a visit to Vienna. As a sort of silent protest the Reformatorisch Dagblad did not publish the pictures of Máxima.