Scams, schemes, fraud cost NL €30b annually

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Dutch society loses about €30 billion annually to fraudsters, including scams such as insurance fraud and benefits swindling. The guilty parties are rarely caught, according to daily newspaper Metro.

This is based on calculations done by research agency Schalke en Partners. These calculations show that the nation as a whole is the biggest victim, with almost half of the €30 billion loss coming under the government's umbrella.

In addition, 43 percent of victims are businesses of all sizes. Money lost to corporate fraud and internal theft amounts to approximately €6 billion, with only a 5 percent chance of the offenders being caught, De Telegraaf reports.

About 2 percent of the loss, or €600 million, hits individuals directly.

According to the research agency some cases of fraud can be detected by thinking cleverly and a change in mindset.