Bambino, Kruidvat recall baby cribs

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Dutch retail, pharmacy and drugstore chain Kruidvat is recalling all baby cribs with the brand Bambino. Children could suffocate on some of the bed's parts. This is the second Bambino baby bed that Kruidvat has had to recall.  According to Kruidvat, seams in the bed's covering can rip, and there is also the possibility that screws in the corners can become loose. In both of these cases, there exists a choking hazard.

The Bambino Bed Box has been in stock at Kruidvat since July 29th 2013, it retails at €39.99 and was available in colors black, grey, red and taupe. People who bought the Bambino Bed Box are asked to immediately stop using it, and to bring the bed back to one of the Kruidvat stores, where customers will be fully reimbursed. An earlier model from Bambino also had problems with corner screws. This bed was available since the 30th of September 2013, but was recalled on the 24th of July. For customers who bought the Bambino Baby Box, the barcodes can be verified on the Kruidvat website.