Timmermans demands end to Russian action in Ukraine

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The Netherlands' Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans wrote on his Facebook page that he supports sanctions against Russia. He believes that it is the correct counter-measure for Russia's meddling in Ukraine, the NOS reports. 

Part of this measure against Russia is that the European Union, the United States and the Western world can do nothing but accept the measures, "even though Russian's reaction towards that will also affect us."

Timmermans says that only unity and fortitude will win in the West's ambitions to get Russia on a different course.

Currently, the Minister writes, Russia is trying to impose its will on Ukraine through land-grabbing and causing unrest, destabilizing the nation. No country has the right to do that.

Russia's actions have led to a fierce armed standoff in East Ukraine. The effects of this are not limited to the area of the fighting, however, as it has led to consequences being felt internationally. Timmermans warns that action must be taken now, otherwise Russia may expand its activities elsewhere in Europe with new disputes between neighboring countries.

Timmermans says that Moscow's actions pose a threat for European and international security. "It is of the highest importance, for The Netherlands as well, that we convince President Putin that these actions are in nobody's interest and forms a danger for everyone, including Russia."

Despite international warnings and sanctions, Timmermans concedes that Putin does not look like he will budge. Rather, it seems that his actions may even become more severe.