Large Hague police sting a mystery

Amsterdam police
A police flex squad supporting crowd control in Amsterdam. Feb. 18, 2010Jos van ZettenFlickrCC-BY

Residents in The Hague's Moerwijk and Stationsbuurt neighborhoods report that big teams of policemen executed an operation in their streets, and are not sure why, Den Haag FM reports.

In Moerwijk's Twickelstraat and the Fannius Scholtenstraat in the Stationsbuurt neighborhood, residents say that they saw many officers wearing bullet-proof vests.

They also saw various police vans from the forensic detection team parked in the streets, though they were apparently not told what they were doing there.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Authority confirmed that there was "a search in the framework of a criminal investigation", but gave no further details, and also refused to say whether similar actions took place in other areas.