Anti-ISIS march set for Hague

A group of residents from The Hague is organizing march in protest of the pro-ISIS demonstrations, muslim radicals and anti-Semitism in the city, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Patrick Schouten is angry about the hate breeding culture brewing in The Hague. Men who openly show their support for radical Islamist organization ISIS (or IS, nowadays), men who declared non-believers as 'the enemy', and men who chanted 'death to the Jews' at demonstrations in the city.

Schouten is also disappointed in the authorities in The Hague, the police and the mayor, and their lax position against these incidents. "Nothing is done against these radical muslims to propagate their hate", Schouten tells the Algemeen Dagblad.

With a group of 15 friends, Schouten has organized a march "for the fatherland" with their movement 'Pro Patria'. They will march on the 10th of August through the Schilderswijk and Transvaal neighborhoods of The Hague.

Many people have already signed up for the march on the internet. Schouten hopes that around 200 to 300 people will stand by his side.

Schouten insists that the march has nothing to do with hate towards foreigners or muslims in general. He simply wants to stand up against IS and Islamic radicalism in the city. "To show that the so-called Sharia-triangle is still Dutch territory, where Dutch laws and rules apply."

The resident has taken this stand because he believes that politics can no longer be counted on. "The call to kill Jews and the bringing of the Hitler salute was not over the line of the permissible according to Van Aartsen, our mayor. For us it was. We want to give off the signal that not everybody gives in. If we do, then we will soon accept everything."

Mayor Jozias van Aartsen said that reported anti-Semitism at a pro-Gaza demonstration in The Hague last week was not crossing the line. Thousands are now calling for the mayor to resign.