Dutch family man viciously attacked over cafe bill in Croatia

A Dutch tourist was brutally attacked at the Bijeli San bar in Porec, western Croatia, after an argument over a bill in a cafe, according to local media there. After a dispute between the man and the bartenders, the bar staff allegedly beat the tourist, leaving him with fractures and a concussion. 

According to 24sata.hr, the tourist in question is 38-year-old Michael Rolleman. After complaining that the food he, his wife and their children ordered had not arrived, a waiter, 23-year old Hajdin Bila, the restaurant owner's son, supposedly beat Rollema in the head.

According to a source for the NL Times who wishes to remain anonymous, the family was told by the restaurant owner that they did not have to pay for the drinks consumed, and could leave. "After they finished they went out and one bartender stopped him asking to pay for drink, he said he is not obligated to pay. They started arguing."

The source goes on to say that at least one worker at the bar put on a set of brass knuckles as an argument ensued, which escalated into a fight that did not let up until Rolleman broke his nose, head and jaw in seven places. Bila reportedly started the assault by kicking Rolleman in the face, with the witness saying the bartender may have been under the influence of drugs. The other bartenders then continued to kick the tourist in the face as well, while punching him with brass knuckles.

Rolleman was brought to hospital, where the local media reports that he underwent surgery twice, suffered a fracture on the lower jaw and other head injuries, and also suffered concussion. According to 24sata.hr, he left the hospital with three metal plates implanted in his head on Thursday, and has since returned to The Netherlands with his family.

Bila was briefly held by plice then released from the police station after questioning, with many area residents commenting on local news websites that they are outraged the police did not seriously address the situation.