Rutte wants UN police at MH17 crash site

According to reports, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte wants to send a police force to the disaster area in Ukraine under the flag of the United Nations.

Ukrainian media report that Rutte said this in a discussion with Ukrainian President Petro Proshenko on Wednesday night. According to the media, the announcement comes from a presidential press report. The Netherlands Government Information Service (RVD) has not confirmed nor denied the talk.

"The Netherlands is conducting, as was announced yesterday as well, negotiations with a number of partners to bring all the victims back and to get to the bottom of this", the RVD says.

The police force would be sent to the are to ensure the safety of the crash site, to enable independent international research into the cause of the crash. The Netherlands has received the okay to lead the investigation.

The UN-Security Council resolution 2166 must be implemented quickly and safely, which was a topic of discussion between the government heads, the RVD writes in a statement. The disaster area must be safeguarded as there may still be bodies lying in the field. Nobody is guarding the area, meaning that rebels have the free range to tamper with the site or remove items.

According to De Telegraaf, Ukraine thanks The Netherlands for its strong reaction at the European Union on Tuesday. The EU Foreign Affairs Ministers have agreed to impose further sanctions on Russia, which is a move that PM Rutte and American President Barack Obama agree is a solid next step.