One in 15 hurt on the job: report

Last year, 458,000 workers were physically or mentally injured due to an accident at work, and almost half of these lost one or more days of work. Most accidents happened in the catering sector. 

This figure, calculated by the Central Bureau for Statistics Netherlands (CBS) means that one in 15 people were hurt on the job.

Men are statistically more likely to be injured on the job than women. In 2015, 5.3 percent of women were injured against 7.6 percent of men.

Young people are relatively often employed in the catering sector, according to the CBS. As this is where the most injuries happen, at 12 percent, it is amongst young people aged up to 25 that most injuries happen at work. In 2013, 8.6 percent of employees aged up to 25 have been hurt on the job. Only one in three of these stayed home for a day or more after the injury.

Construction is also dangerous work, with eight percent of employees getting injured on the job. This percentage is higher than average, the CBS reports.

Working extra shifts raise the risk of injuries at work, according to the report. In 2013, one in eight employees who regularly took on extra shifts had an accident. One in ten workers who took on extra weekend shifts were also injured on the job.