Kidnap report unearths weed plantation

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A report of a possible kidnapping lead to the arrest of three people and the dismantling of a weed plantation in Tilburg on Wednesday.

Police say they received the report of the possible kidnapping around 7.30pm, after someone thought he had witnessed two men with guns barging into a house in the city. An Arrest Team rushed over, cordoned off the street and neighbors were advised to stay indoors. Around 9.30pm police enter the house and encounter three people. It turns out then though that the person who made the initial report had been wrong; there had not been a kidnapping. In the meantime however, officers find a marijuana plantation with 80 plants inside the house. They also found almost three kilograms of marijuana, 22 XTC pills and a replica handgun. The three people -two men (24 and 25) from Tilburg and a 25-year-old woman from Goirle- were arrested. The plantation was dismantled and destroyed, as were the marijuana plants. The vehicle they found on the scene was confiscated.