Train strike hits Thalys, Eurostar

International train travel may be affected by a strike in the Belgian maintenance company NMBS Technics. Several employees spontaneously laid down their work at two a.m. this morning, according to Philippe Dubois of the socialist rail bond ACOD Spoor-CGSP Cheminots. Het Parool reports. 

The company is responsible for the maintenance of Thalys and Eurostar trains. The strike only affected the night shift crew, as more than half of them went on strike. The morning crew would take over at 6 a.m., resuming the work.

Fewer trains may be traveling today, as there needs to be permission from the maintenance company before the trains pull out. This might affect international traffic.

One of the striking workers spoke for the group, saying that they are "sick of it." "The pressure on us is only increasing. There is fewer personnel and more work." The workers are protesting plans from the direction to scrap 80 jobs before 2017.