Wilders causes spike in Hague crime reports

A spike in citizen-reported crimes in the Hague so far this year is due to discrimination and hate crime complaints filed against controversial politician Geert Wilders, the city’s mayor said. Nearly 340 people filed reports against the PVV leader after he rallied party supporters in favor of removing Moroccans from the Hague.

“Without reports from this particular group, there would be no increase” in criminality, said Mayor Jozias van Aartsen in a letter to the Hague city council referencing the “Wilders effect.”

Geert Wilders was largely criticized across the country for emotionally asking people at a Hague rally if they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Hague. With a rally cry of “Minder! Minder! Minder!”, Dutch for “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!”, Wilders then said his party would make that happen.

Some 5,000 people across the country filed reports against Wilders. The comments sparked an exodus of politicians from Wilders' own party members.

Overall, there was a two percent increase in crime during the first five months of the year in the Hague.