Van Persie World Cup coin selling well

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There has been a rush for the football World Cup 2014 commemorative coins that honor Robin van Persie's iconic goal.

The Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht launched the coin immediately after the Netherlands made it to the semi-finals last Sunday and so far sold 70 to 80 percent of the 6,000 that will be produced. The exact number that has been sold is not clear because most orders for the 9,95 euro coin have been made on the internet.

The Mint said Van Persie's swan dive that anchored the first goal in the match against Spain is symbolic for the performance of the Dutch team in Brazil. "It is an iconic image of this World Cup," Mint spokesperson Leonie van der Spek has been quoted.

The coin, produced in silver colored cupro nickel, is not formal tender, but it does hold value for collectors. The Mint is only giving out 6,000 copies to maintain the value. The coin will be distributed after the World Cup finals of July 13