City buys out sex club for €1 million

Gilze Council Building

The Municipality of Gilze en Rijen has paid more than one million euros for the notorious sex club Badda Bing. Mayor Jan Boelhouwer told the press that the municipality wanted to prevent the building from falling back into the hands of criminals.

Reports stated that the motorcycle club Satudarah expressed interest in purchasing the property. A press release issued by the municipality states that the purchase was made in hope of ridding the area of criminal activity and to restore public order.

Rebuilt in 2000 after a fire, the infamous sex club Badda Bing made headline stories after a fatal shooting took place in 2006. After declaring bankruptcy in 2012, the building was left in the control of Mayor Boelhouwer. The building had been plagued with burglars and vandalism, and neighbors were concerned about suspicious people hanging around. The discovery of a hemp plantation led police to take further action.

The municipality reports that they are discussing plans for redevelopment.