Dutch losing confidence in pensions

Almost half of all working Dutch people are not sure that they will ever get a General Old Age Law allowance (AOW-uitkering). Young people are especially pessimistic about the state of their pension in the future, and have many doubts about making ends meet.

These details come from research done by Robeco. The research shows that the economic crisis is largely to blame for the negativity around working people and their financial futures.

It is especially women who are less secure of their financial positions when they stop working, as they do not trust the entire stability of the AOW-allowance.

The research once again points to the fact that the demand for people being able to work longer because people, on average, become older, cannot count on a lot of sympathy.

The average working Dutch person wants to work up to the age of 62. The current law states that people generally want to take pension at the age of 67. In the future, this will rise quickly because the general life expectancy is also going to rise.