Over 300k visit festivals over weekend

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Music and entertainment festivals across the country received thousands of visitors, organizers say, with free festival Parkpop in Den Haag leading the pack after drawing in over 190,000 visitors. The organizers believe that the festival was a big success, even thought the festival program was adjusted so visitors could enjoy the football match between The Netherlands and Mexico, where The Netherlands advanced to the quarter finals after winning by a score of 2-1.

Festival Mundial in Tilburg, Noord Brabant, received 24,000 visitors from Friday to Sunday. Mexican music was the central theme of this year's edition, with that festival's organizers excited to host musicians from the Central American country, paired with Dutch football supporters.

The new festival Down the rabbit hole in Beuningen, Gelderland welcomed 10,000 visitors who enjoyed performances by The Black Keys, De Staat, MGMT and Foals.

De Parade in Rotterdam, which began on June 19, concluded on Sunday, June 30. The event saw 30,600 visitors, a gain of 600 over last year. Following Sunday's headlining performance, the traveling theater festival packed up and in Den Haag from this Friday onwards.

To finish off, Concert at Sea in Brouwersdam, Zeeland gathered 70,000 music lovers over the course of Friday and Saturday.