Delft scientists first to teleport data

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Scientists at TU Delft have achieved teleportation of data between two unconnected computers.

Research published in scientific journal  yesterday says the scientists moved the data over a three-meter distance using quantum entanglement without the information straying into intervening space.

Quantum entanglement says that two separate elements become connected with a shared identity. Entangled elements behave as one, even when they are taken apart. One of the researchers involved, Ronald Hanson, called quantum entanglement as “maybe the strangest and most intriguing result of the laws of quantum mechanics.”

The data the scientists teleported was placed in quantumbits of diamond that could be used for a future quantum computer, and perhaps even a new concept for the internet. The advantage of such a quantum network is that it transports information securely, making eavesdropping difficult.

The scientists hope to repeat the experiment in the summer, sending data over 1,300 meters.