EU: Most votes D66, CDA the biggest

The D66 received the most votes in the European elections, but the CDA won the most seats. The votes were close, but the D66 won with 15.4 percent, four seats, against 15 percent for CDA, five seats. This difference is explained by the CDA partnering up with ChristenUnie/SGP.

The PVV is one of the few eurosceptic parties that lost in the elections. According to the ANP, the party has four seats with 13.2 percent of the vote, which is one more than the exit poll on Thursday predicted.

The VVD and the PvdA both keep two seats, at 11.9 percent and 9.4 percent of the vote respectively. According to Thursday's exit poll, the SP (9.6 percent) would have three seats. The Socialist Party did win, and did get more votes than the PvdA, but the PvdA did get one more seat by running on a ticket together with GroenLinks.

The combination ChristenUnie/SGP (7.6 percent) remains at two seats, just as GroenLinks (7.0 percent). According to the ANP's results, the Party for Animals will, for the first time, have a sear in the European Parliament, after winning 4.2 percent of the vote. 50Plus misses out on a seat with 3.7 percent of the vote, which is the same fate that the PvdA suffered in 2009.

The official results will be announced next week. The voter turnout for the elections was 37.3 percent, which is half a percent higher than five years ago.