Dutch cyber defense center unveiled

The Cyber Defense Expertise Center officially opened today. Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mart de Kruif officiated the ceremonies on the Bernhard barracks in Amersfoort. This opening is the first step towards the Cyber Defense Commando, which still has to be created. 

Dutch trade and industry, international trade and the government are all very dependent on the digital system, which must work undisrupted. Cyber attacks happen more and more, however.

The expertise center brings together all knowledge to be able to operate in the cyber domain. Next to that, this knowledge is being developed further, secured and spread to the entire Defense Organization, as well as outside it wherever possible.

The Cyber domain is extremely technologically driven, and is constantly developing, the ministry of Defense says. The center is part of the Army, but employs soldiers as well as civilians from all units.

The center is based in Amersfoort because the heart of the production of knowledge for the Royal Army is based there, the ministry reports.