Dutch kidnapped in Nigeria return to Schiphol today

The three Dutch nationals who were kidnapped in Nigeria, were released on Saturday and will arrive at Schiphol Monday morning, according to Sunny Ofehe, a companion on their trip, from Yenagoa in the Niger Delta. 

Erhard Leffers, Marianne Vos and Jandries Groenendijk stayed in Yenagoa after their release, pending their flight back to the Netherlands on Sunday.

The three were kidnapped by Nigerian pirates a week ago in the Niger Delta, and held for ransom. They did not yet want to give comments about the ordeal. "They are still recovering from the kidnaping. They are doing well, but they are still disoriented", Ofehe said.

According to Ofehe, no cash was paid. He says the kidnappers are also still at large, but the authorities will investigate the case. He cannot give any details because the investigation is still underway.

There was much relief after the release of the hostages on Saturday. Ofehe posted a photograph of himself with Leffers, Vos and Groenendijk. In another, the three are seen enjoying a meal.

The hostages were reportedly held in primitive conditions in Yenagoa, in a remote location by a river. According to Ofehe, the three were not mistreated, the Telegraaf reports.

"They stayed in a remote home. There was no electricity. Those are heavy conditions for people who are not used t that, even if you are treated well and get food", he says.

According to the Telegraaf, the Dutch nationals were in Nigeria with Ofehe to promote his magazine. The activist is protesting Shell's activities in the area, together with his organization Hope for Niger Delta Campaign.