Deurne jeweler no longer homicide suspect

Police investigating the shooting death of two burglars at Goldies jewelry store in Deurne (Joey van Maanen / Twitter). (Police investigating the shooting dead of two burglars at Goldies jewelry store in Deurne (Joey van Maanen / Twitter))

The husband of the jewelers couple in Deurne is no longer a suspect of manslaughter, the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) announces. The robbery of the jewelry store Goldies in Deurne on the 28th of March ended in a shoot-out in which the two robbers were killed, but the husband did not fire a weapon, Justice concludes. His wife's role is still under investigation.

"The more closely inspected camera images, in combination with the other (forensic) investigation results, have not produced any indication that the male jeweler fired", the OM writes. "With reference to these investigation results the OM decided not to prosecute this man for the double homicide."

Because the man was victim as well as suspect in this case, the OM decided to try and make a decision as quickly as possible after thorough investigations, and announce this to those directly involved.

The case is still under analysis, and it is only after a possible prosecution of the jeweler's wife that this case will be solved. The OM is still discussing whether the man will be prosecuted for weapons possession.