Six-time killer wants unsupervised leave

The man who was sentenced to life in 1983 for six murders in Delft is demanding leave without supervision. This is  not the first time he has demanded unsupervised leave, and he is filing a lawsuit against the state according to his lawyer, Trouw reports. 

The murderer, Cevdet Y. from Turkey, was in the café 't Koetsiertje in Delft in April 1983 when he shot twelve bullets after a fight. A 12-year old girl was one of the dead, and several people were injured. In the scheme of a tbs-treatment, Y. has been going on supervised leave since 2002.

Since 2006, however, Y. has requested unsupervised leave from the state secretary of Justice several times. His latest request was in October of last year, to which the current state secretary Fred Teeven (VVD) has not yet reacted.

"For the further re-socialization of Y., unsupervised leave is necessary",  lawyer R. Wybenga tells Trouw. "It is now up to the judge to decide what happens. The state secretary doesn't seem to be a supporter of leave in publicity-sensitive cases."

The court in The Hague decided in 2011 that Y. was not to be allowed unsupervised leave. At that time, Y. pleaded that such expectations were provoked, but the court did not agree. The interests of surviving relatives of the victims also played a role.

The case will be in court in The Hague on Wednesday.