Remkes: Phantom state member must go

A state member from the Provincial States has not shown up for six months, but is still receiving a salary. Now, the King's Commisssioner in North Holland, Johan Remkes, says she should leave.

Remkes tells RTV NH that he sent a letter to the state member, Monica Nunes, last week in which he calls on her to release her seat. The member has not yet replied. Nunes stepped out of the PVV in 2012, and was taken up by the party Forza!

Remkes does not yet have the ability to forcibly remove Nunes from the council. He is also not able to freeze her salary, of €1150 a month. "There is a proposal from the House of Parliament in the wings to be able to cut. In my opinion, this can be introduced with high speed."

It is unclear why Nunes is absent. "I know that she has been struggling with her health for some time, but that should be over now. I have sent her a letter, but haven't gotten a reaction, and so have no idea what is wrong with her", Remkes says.

Party leader Paul Meijer of Forza! hasn't been in contact with Nunes for months either. "We decided that cooperation was no longer passible like this and sent her out of the party, so that she could not use our name anymore either."