Party for axed Philip Morris workers

A few days before the mass-axing of more than 1,200 employees at the Philip Morris cigarette factory in Bergen op Zoom, the company organized a party for the workers, the AD reports.

It was not just an office party. The company delivered big, from scantily-clad women to free cocktails, and even a performance from De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. "This party should never actually have been allowed to happen", a source says.

Around 600 pub landlords and cigarette sellers were invited. They were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to make sure that knowledge of the party did not spread. The party was held in the event-center Undercurrent in Amsterdam.

"This is very skew. I think that you can handle it a bit more subdued and sober", an anonymous co-worker at Philip Morris said, describing the stark contrast between the festivities and the mass-dismissals a few days later.